Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Changed the World

In the past two years, Instagram has gone from strength to strength, amassing a billion active users and growing at the fastest rate of any of the major social platforms. It's sparked new food trends In general, the rule tends to be that the things that stand out succeed. Avocado on toast no longer makes the cut. Think Matcha lattes, charcoal activated croissants, acai bowls. In London’s hip borough of Hackney, you’ll find palm vaults, a cafe which has fully grasped the benefit of providing maximum Instagram opportunity. Potted plants hang over marble tables, full of pastel-coloured lattes and flower-topped granola. Its an influencer’s paradise and in attracting them, the business receives plenty of free advertising and rainbow bagels. Other venues have followed suit, and while there are no official stats, I'd hazard a guess that the usage of neon signs, flower walls and pink plates in restaurants has risen considerably. It's changed the way we travel Instagram is a treasure trove for travel inspiration. Within the palm of our hand, we can see pictures of the most idyllic spots from around the world, and travel behaviors are changing as a result.

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