Facebook Ads vs boosted posts, which is better?

This is a common question among Facebook page admins. And even if you’re relatively new to all this, you will eventually see a notification popping up encouraging you to “boost a post.” The reason being that the post may be high-performing, or Facebook’s algorithms may have found that it’s like content other page admins have boosted in the past. In short, the ability to boost posts is a simplified extension of the Facebook Ads system. It was designed to be less intimidating to small business owners who were overwhelmed by the full ads system and all the options it offered. Simpler doesn’t always mean better, however, the simplicity of boosted posts comes at the cost of the significant customisation the full ads system offers. What can you do with Facebook Ads vs boosted posts? Boosted posts are significantly more limited than the full Facebook Ads system. Prior to starting your campaign, you should choose an ad objective which will help you focus on what you want the campaign to be. Boosted posts only allow you to focus on website clicks or engagement, but the full ads system lets you choose objectives such as store visits, conversions and lead generation (which comes with mobile-friendly lead forms). There are campaign types you just cannot create through boosted posts. This graph is significant because Facebook uses your chosen objective to show your ad to users who are most likely to take whatever action you’re optimizing for, based on their user history of activity. Overall, if your business is focusing on “little spikes” of interaction then Boosted Posts are the way forward. But, if you want regular interaction you can rely on, Facebook Ads will give you a better return.

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