Ambassador's tips of the month:

"For the recruitment process to be a success, it comes down to effort and consistency; this is equally important for both the applicant and the hiring company. As thehiringcompany, you need to evaluate what it is you require, what your minimum expectations are but also consider when you can afford to be flexible. Your vacancy must be seen as an opportunity... why would someone want to join you and your team? What do you offer in return for hard work? For messaging, be ready to try different channels and platforms, make the most of your network and understand the importance of picking different times in the week to share your message. For applicants, we encourage you to keep track of what you're applying for, and take ownership of the process by adopting follow up! Call or send an email within 3 working days to check they have received your information, this could make you stand out and get you further in the process! If you want advice on how to ensure your messaging is reaching the right people, contact Abi @Openingz offering 20 years of recruitment experience. "

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