Ensure a more rewarding recruitment experience

Offering 20 years experience recruiting on behalf of a number of businesses Abi shares some key advice to companies faced with hiring over the coming months. Whether the vacant position is due to growth, re-structure or someone leaving the business, ensure that you take the time to fully evaluate exactly what is required before moving forward. Other things to consider:

l Review your existing documentation such as job descriptions; get input from colleagues to understand expectations or changes, so the revised information for the hiring process will be accurate l Ensure it is clear where this role will fit into the organisation. l If advertising externally, ensure you focus on the opportunity and prospects instead of just a list of requirements or demands. l When considering your shortlist make sure your screening and interview process is consistent with all applicants. l Have a plan ready for rejecting or moving forward with candidates - ensure the relevant staff make time in their diaries. l If you don't offer much experience with interviewing, do consider utilising the expertise of a professional recruiter. l If you encounter difficulty finding the right level of individuals, consider what could be changed or adjusted to make the role more attractive.

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