Should we be advertising on Social Media?

A question that businesses ask every day.

Let’s look at the advertising market. Global advertising spend in 2017 reaches approximately £424 billion – of which 38.3% is online channels! By 2021, mobile will reach 77.1% of the total global digital advertising! Key thinking points regarding Social Media l Facebook has more than 1 billion people spending 40 minutes or more on the platform l Over 30% of adult internet users use Instagram l 25% of adult internet users use LinkedIn l Pinners are as likely to purchase, but spend 50% more per purchase.

The short answer is that social media provides a massive opportunity for businesses to get their message in front of the right prospects at the right time. Social Media as an advertising medium cannot be ignored.

So, what is stopping businesses from using this medium? The answer, in short, is fear. The fear of not knowing, being confused and wasting time and money. Businesses must ask the following question when talking to any social media advertising company:

“When I invest with you to run my social media advertising, what multiple of return will you give me?”

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