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Firstly - just wow! How fast has this year gone? Thank goodness for the phrase, "Time flies when you are having fun".

It will be almost six years since I joined Donnington Grove and that time has gone just as quickly. I presented my company vision recently to a small audience to impress upon them how important it is to keep sight of your goals, achieve them and set new targets along the way. Everyone that has had a connection with this amazing property has done exactly just that, and perhaps sometimes not even realised their great accomplishments.

Imagine the architect, James Petit-Andrews, planning the design and construction of the manor house and how his achievements gave others aspiration to create. Then, William Brummell, sharing his vision for Gentlemen to wear a jacket, shirt and cravat - styling the nation even in the late 18th century. We must not forget Daisy Fellows, who's extravagance and eccentricities made way for regular strawberry deliveries, flown in from France to create a face pack. Imagine that, a vision for the perfect completion, I wonder if it really worked?

In the second half of the 20th century family life returned to Donnington Grove and what a fine vision to achieve - just a perfect family home. Now as we approach the end of another successful year our visions are becoming real too with three new stunning beauty treatment rooms, redecorating and refurbishments inside the hotel. Also the continued golf course investment so that one day my vision will be complete and our brand will be distinctive for being Donnington Grove.

Have a super Christmas and an amazing new year, it is the perfect time to reflect on your vision, set new targets and achieve your goals in 2018.

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