6 things people may hate about your website

Consumers attention span is reducing so, to maximise leads and revenue, your website must be user-friendly.If not, you could lose countless opportunities.

Six things that people hate about websites - so you can avoid making the same mistakes. l Slow loading times – the level of impatience for many can be as little as 3 seconds – with around 40% of people stating they’ve left a site which has failed to load in that time. l Keyword stuffed copy – often does not provide the information a visitor would be interested in and works against your search ranking.

l Too much text – is an instant turn-off for many users, as attention spans are ever decreasing. l Doesn’t clearly state what your business does – visitors want to know quickly what it is you do and how you’ll be of use to them. If they can’t do that, they will leave. l Overuse of stock imagery – people typically know what are stock images now and many are too over-used to add any value. Any image should be a visual aid and relevant for the information on the page. l Not optimised for mobile/tablet – over half of all people browse using mobile devices. If your website is not optimised for mobile, visitors will leave.

Your website’s performance is critical, so take advantage of the numerous free tools you can find online to help monitor changes in visitors’ behaviour on your website.

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