Supporting parents involved in family court

Graham Fletcher is a McKenzie Friend, who supports parents involved in family court proceedings. In 2005 it was established that people involved in family court proceedings were entitled to have someone present with them if they could not afford legal representation. The court calls these people “McKenzie friends” (after the 2 parents involved in the case).

Many people going through divorce or who are separated are unaware that there is this alternative to instructing a solicitor. Graham assists parents in a variety of court cases. He can help parents being denied access to their children or who cannot agree on the financial aspects of a divorce.

Graham went through the family court process himself without paying a solicitor and achieved positive outcomes. He is passionate about helping parents in a similar situation. Graham has been running his McKenzie friend business for 2 years and has experience in over 100 court hearings.He has 15 years experience of working with children and families and has a good working knowledge of how social workers assess situations and the role such assessments play in the process.

Based in Upper Bucklebury, Graham is ideally placed to attend family courts in Reading, Basingstoke, Oxford, Swindon and Slough and often attends other courts upon request.

Graham has full information on his website, including many client testimonials on how he supported them through these difficult situations . He offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation on 07906 956035

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