Sound Advice

When producing videos for your business or blog it is a very easy to focus on the video quality, lighting, and composition while neglecting the quality of the audio.

The quality and clarity of the audio in your video is actually more important than the visual quality.

This may seem an illogical statement but studies have shown that if the video quality is high but the audio quality is low or average viewers will react negatively to the video content as a whole.

People are far more forgiving of poorly shot video if the sound quality is good.

I remember an occasion a few years ago when a historical drama series called Jamaica Inn was airing on a Sunday evening. Being a fan of historical dramas I eagerly tuned in to watch the first episode.

The overall volume of the sound recording was very low and totally ruined my viewing experience. I didn’t actually watch any more of the episodes.

How to achieve good audio quality in your videos.

  • The most important piece of advice is not to use the on-board microphone on your video recording device, be it a phone, tablet or video camera.

  • Do not shoot video in a noisy environment. The microphone will pick up background noise which can be very distracting.

  • Avoid filming in windy conditions where the microphone will pick up wind noise.

  • Always use an offcamera microphone and place it as close to the subject as possible. Tie clip (lavaliere) microphones are very inexpensive and plug directly into your video recording device.

Following the advice above will ensure that your videos have good crisp audio to complement the high quality visuals.



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