Is there value in working with a recruiter?

At Openingz we firmly believe that any successful placement begins with a more thorough evaluation. We stand by this through all our communications with both clients and candidates.

Working closely together to ensure a more rewarding and positive experience, what does this translate to in reality?

As a candidate you can expect:

  • Valuable advice on the presentation of your CV and supporting documents, plus the all important interview preparation.

  • You'll receive constructive and useful feedback at every stage.

  • Notification of new opportunities that you are unlikely to hear of (sometimes before they are advertised - very helpful when you are in full time employment).

  • Assistance with salary negotiation and contract terms.

Why might a company benefit from utilizing a recruitment partner?

  • At an early stage we will fully qualify the job vacancy, asking the right questions to ensure we are in agreement as to the right profile of candidate that is likely to be appropriate.

  • Our thorough interview will focus on a candidates'character, motivations,values, ideas and approaches to situations- giving a valuable insight prior to their first meeting &assessment stage.

  • The benefit of time spent leveraging our extensive network to ensure they are meeting the best possible people on the market.l The company is represented as an employer of choice,very important when competing with other firms.Has this been your experience?

Has this been your experience? Contact Abi to learn more.

07720 097 478 @OpeningzByAbi & @WomenInAV

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