Going it alone on your job search?

Once you've made the decision to change jobs and seek a new challenge, the time ahead can be both exciting and daunting!

More employers are choosing to hire directly, and we understand that as an applicant, you will often find it difficult as questions will arise about the right approach, preparing for the interview(s) and then awaiting constructive feedback.

Having a professional recruiter that you can turn to should prove to be rewarding and ease some pressure.

What can we do to help? Offer advice on your CV presentation and cover note, to better your chances of securing an interview. Discuss interview styles and what to expect. Encourage what to do regarding feedback and advancing further. At the job offer stage ensure you are asking the right questions to assist with your decision.

In essence, having someone 'on your team' could ensure that you enjoy a more professional, rewarding experience and that your next job proves to be the right development for you!

07720 097 478 facebook.com/Openingzcom @OpeningzByAbi & @WomenInAV linkedin.com/in/abigailbrownopeningz

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