Calling all channels

We now live in a multi-contact world, where people choose which way to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. So why do businesses fail to make use of the same options to contact customers?

Telephone directories were once considered as a major marketing channel. Now there are multiple ways to get your company’s profile in front of your audience. . .

  • Advertising (on & offline)

  • Online directories

  • Website linking

  • You Tube / Vimeo

  • Facebook & Twitter

  • Instagram & Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

  • Email marketing

  • eNewsletters

. . . the list increases all the time.

Staying in touch with customers or finding the best way to secure new customers has always been an ongoing challenge for businesses.

Using a single route to market would be considered madness in our modern marketing era. Integrated campaigns launched across multiple channels allow you to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Moreover, using these to target specific consumer demographics or groups is not only possible but seen by many marketers as the way forward.


Consumers now have myriad ways to discover the products or services they want to buy. Ensuring they find yours inevitably means utilising the range of platforms your customers will be viewing.That’s why Local Buzz developed our BuzzPower portfolio of facilitated services, so advertisers could benefit by utilising a wider range of platforms to promote their products and services.If you haven’t discussed these with us yet please call to find out how you can access them.

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