Radio Advertising

Return on investment linked to creative

For every £1 you spend on radio advertising, you will recieve on average £7.70 return on your investment*. Radio advertising delivers the second highest ROI of the advertising mediums after television.

Britain loves radio with 90% of adults in the UK listening to the radio for an average of 21.5 hours every week** For many, the emotional connection with radio runs deeper than any other media, accompanying them throughout their daily lives - to and from school, at work& at home. Local radio has an even deeper relationship with the listener and acts as a trusted friend.

The most successful radio campaigns are those that standout and present their message clearly & most importantly, consistently. At The Breeze Newbury, we offer a production service that ensures all campaigns work as effectively for advertisers as possible. Creative is crucial in getting your message across in the right way.

Does the advert. . .

Offer to Sell Something?

  • Is the offer priced?

  • Specify clearly where listeners need to go to obtain further information?

  • State if the offer is time sensitive?

  • Have a theme or hook?

Above all, consistency is key. Familiarity draws the listener in. This can be achieved by recognisable audio cues such as a familiar or unusual voice, by music or by an audio cue.***

For further information contact Jess Holmes on 01256 694000

*Source: **Source: Rajar Q2 2016 ***Source: RadioGAUGE Effectiveness Data

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