There has been a quiet revolution in the way businesses now approach their training and educational needs, and this is no better demonstrated than the huge growth we’ve seen in the gamification industry in recent years.

Such is the surge in demand that this trend seems set to continue. It’s estimated that the global gamification market could be worth a staggering $11.10 billion USD by 2020. Since 2013 GlobeMaster Games has provided a cloud-based e-learning and sales training solution, for clients who wish to take advantage of the benefits that gamification offers to both engage and motivate target audiences. Both low cost and effective, GlobeMaster provides a valuable source of accurate real time data for line managers, sales trainers and educators alike. It helps to identify and reduce knowledge gaps, promote employee productivity and increase profits for businesses within a game setting.

GlobeMaster employs similar mechanics inherent in the world’s most popular games to provide an important reward & recognition system, thereby improving long term employee performance and maximising user engagement. Our unique software package can be tailored to meet any training need from SMEs to larger corporations, regardless of size or industry sector. Whatever the product,process or service, GlobeMasterGames can help you find the best way to communicate your message to staff and customers alike, and achieve the desired outcome.

GlobeMaster Games are happy to offer a free no obligation consultation.See how your business can benefit from our e-learning & gamification services by visiting us at: or for more information please email

Mark Montgomery

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