It Pays To Care. . .

1. A customer well looked after will tell 4-5 people. 2. If you do a poor job they will tell 11 people, typical we Brits love a moan! 3. Only 1 in 25 bother to complain at the point it goes wrong. 4. If a customer has a major problem resolved well – 82% will do business with you again. 5. Clients who have a problem resolved are 4 times more loyal to your organisation than the customers who never have a problem.

6. 68% of customers who move their business do so because of “ lack of care or contact” from their provider. 7. 86% will pay 25% more for a better customer experience. 8. 84% of customer perception is an emotional reaction to the experience they have had with your organisation, face to face, by email, online and on the telephone. Greet them with a smile, use their name and thank them for their business.

Do the same on the telephone, smile, you can hear the smiles, don’t subject them to engaged lines, phones left unanswered or the dreaded press 1 for sales and press 2 to send them to your competition.

I will send the first 10 of you to email me FREE of charge my brand new video training series on delivering outstanding customer service on the telephone. These ten core skills have been at the centre of all of Verbatim’s in house training and my commercial offering to organisations to train front line staff on ½ day training workshops valued at £750 +VAT and its yours for free.

Graham Hill Founder of Verbatim Berkshire’s leading telephone answering service. Established in 1997 with over five million calls on the clock!

Email me (subject Buzz offer – free

video series).

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