Are Your Job Adverts Reaching the Right People?

If you are ready to recruit new members of staff to your organisation you'll be aware there is often a lot of work to do to get the process rolling.

Digging out the old job description (if it can be found!) and using it to create a job advert is often one of the most difficult tasks (alongside deciding what channels to use for exposure). It's a highly competitive market so it's more important than ever that your recruitment adverts stand out and offer the 'WOW' factor.

A job description is a good place to start but bear in mind its often a long and detailed document and therefore unlikely to capture the attention and interest of your prospective candidates. If a job description can't be found or it’s out of date the next best step we'd advise would be to interview the current person holding the role or the department manager to paint a picture of what is required.

What do we suggest? Time spent making your job advert informative AND engaging will be time well spent!

1. Cover the usual things like Job Title; Purpose; Main Duties & Responsibilities; Working Conditions, Qualifications & Experience; Salary & Benefits and Career Prospects. 2. Help them visualise themselves in the job by telling them what they will be doing when they get the job, not if they get the job. 3. Avoid making statements like 'our ideal candidate. . .' make the advert feel more personal by using terms like you, your and yours. 4. Make sure you tell candidates what they will get in return for their hard work. Don't make the mistake of the advert being all about you - entice your prospect to take action, learn more and yes apply!

Abigail Brown - Managing Director Mobile: 07720 097 478 Follow me on Twitter @ OpeningzByAbi & @WomenInAV

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