Good video – The simple winning formula

You may have decided to finally take the plunge and produce a video for your website to tantalise your customers and get them flocking to buy your products or services.

This is definitely a good idea but first I want you to sit down and think about how you are going to go about it. A good idea deserves good planning and execution.

Think about what you would like to accomplish as a result of people seeing your video. Presumably you would like to improve customer engagement, increase sales and ultimately stand out from your competition.

When planning your video consider the following guidelines.

  1. Remember - People buy benefits, not features. Tell them how your product or service can change or improve their lives.

  2. Grab their attention in the first four seconds and then keep them watching.

  3. Keep the duration of your video to less than 90 seconds if possible.

  4. Make it memorable or amusing. People are more likely to share the video with their friends and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

When I deliver presentations to business people about website video I always show them the Dollar Shave Club video ( It is a brilliantly conceived piece of work and in my opinion contains all the elements that go into making a winning video.

Dollar Shave Club sales rocketed to $65 million as a result of producing this video which now has over 22 million views on YouTube. It cost them $4500 to produce in 2012.

It is well worth remembering that good video doesn’t have to be expensive to produce. It’s the concept and planning that’s important.

Peter Cooke

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