Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is vital to every business. Loyal customers spend money with you over time, they won’t leave you just because of price and 78% of them will promote your business by telling others about it.

Here’s 3 tips to help keep your customers loyal.

Ask your customers what they think .

We used to say you should treat your customers how you would like to be treated yourself but that’s not enough. You shouldn’t make assumptions about what your customers want or what they think about the service you give them.

Survey your current, previous and potential customers -ask them what they want and importantly if they think they (can) get it from you.

Show them you have listened

Great companies ask for feedback all the time. But if you don't demonstrate how important their feedback is to you they will soon stop giving it.

At the very least feedback the findings of any survey you do and include details of any relevant actions you have planned. And if you need another reason to get in touch you can update them on the progress you have made.

Stop saying sorry

Of course you should say sorry when things go wrong but on its own sorry isn’t enough. Customers want a solution and to trust that you will stop that problem from occurring again. How good are you at showing you are sorry?

  1. Is your service proposition based on more than just saying sorry?

  2. Are your employees allowed to do more than say sorry?

  3. How and with who are customer complaints and problems shared?

  4. How are employees told about fixes for common complaints and problems?

Michelle Bailey

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