How can you protect and promote your school on social media?

Do you risk your school’s reputation if you post on social media?Are you frustrated that your social media presence has brought your school no real benefit?Do you struggle to resource your social media marketing activities?

Making the decision to promote your school through social media is a huge step. With the protection and safeguarding of students at the forefront of their minds, many school leaders worry about the risks. But the benefits of using social media to promote your school and engage with stakeholders – parents, students, teachers, governors and the local community – can far outweigh the risks. In many instances, these risks can be easily mitigated with effective forward planning.

Here are some key issues that will help you protect and promote your school.

How to Protect Your School

  • Establishing social media guidelines to ensure your social media campaign is both effective, appropriate and safe for your school.

  • Effectively handle negative publicity as well as minimize risks from unwelcome users.

  • Discover the latest ‘hot’ social media platforms and how they may impact on you and your pupils.

  • Invest on a monitoring tool – how Twitter can be your very own ‘periscope’ to map what parents, stakeholders and other schools are doing, thinking and saying!

How To Promote Your School

  • Ensuring your social media profiles are optimised andfully branded.

  • Find 3 key ways to generate new enquiries through Facebook.

  • Utilise the most effective methods for engaging with parents.

  • Establish the 5 essential steps to reach out to influencers on Twitter – and convert them into advocates who will champion your school.

  • Manage your campaign successfully so you achieve considerable results without taking up a lot of staff time

  • Setting KPIs and review the effectiveness of your social media campaign so you hit your targets.

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