What’s the story?

That’s a question that we posed to of one of our clients recently.

We asked the question as it had been posed to us whilst we were delivering a programme for them. One of the organisations teams was looking to understand what another team did and how it supported the business.

The story that the person asking the question was looking for was actually about the strategy of the team. How were they looking to support the business? What was it trying to achieve? Why, and how did this link to what the business was trying to achieve? They knew the people in the team but not what the team actually did.

It’s a question we’re increasingly being asked to answer for a variety of teams, internal and external. Helping them tell the story to their customers on how they support them. Helping them to find their own voice.

A lot of our clients are telling us that the pace of change, moving operational objectives, cost challenges and government policy changes are all getting in the away of their ability to tell a simple, coherent and consistent story.

We’re helping them to answer it by posing a few challenges about their own skills set. Helping them to understand the balance they need between what they do internally and what they might need us to do for them. What behaviour change are they looking to achieve and how does their own behaviour as team live up to this? Who sets the standard and the direction? How do they tell this story to their customers as a few PowerPoint slides simply doesn’t do the job?

We know you’re up for the challenge but if you need some help understanding, developing and delivering your story drop us a line.

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