True success isn’t just about your business

As a driven entrepreneur, we can sometimes get extremely bogged down in the running of the business and miss out some of the crucial fun elements that can actually have a significant impact on our success as a business owner.

Richard Garnett expanded his goals this year to incorporate his personal dream and it had a profound effect on this success.

He owns the highly successful Newbury branch of the Ripples Franchise with his wife Diane. Ripples designs and supplies beautiful bathrooms. Not just a standard bathroom but something that would be well placed in a luxury spa or an up-market hotel. If you’re local it’s well worth a visit as the showroom is inspirational.

Ripples Newbury is a very successful franchise. Like all very successful business owners though, Richard doesn’t stand still for too long and is driven forward by the “What now, what next?” question. “We had reached a bit of a plateau,” he said. “I needed a push and some new ideas.”

Richard joined BBB Success Groups in April 2015. “I really like George and his down to earth, “no holds barred”, “tell it how it is” approach to personal development. It’s training on mindset rather than skills. There’s a fantastic group of people there all from different types of businesses and all in the same boat and attending the groups gives me the space I need to think big.”

In thinking bigger, Richard realised he wasn’t making any of his personal goals a priority. His rally car had been “moth-balled” in the garage for 9 years and whilst he’d meant to commit time to getting it back on the road, there always seemed to be something else that was more important. This year he made the commitment to get it sorted and get it rally ready. “I committed to the goal, broke it down into a plan and set out to get the help I needed. “

The Ripples branded rally car was registered last month, has already been racing and is all set for the racing championship in February.

So how did getting a rally car ready impact the business? “It’s had a huge impact!,” says Richard. “I am having much more fun and this new positive attitude and excitement has spilled into the business and things are being done differently. We have had the best financial year ever! My staff are much more motivated and I’m embracing allowing them to manage personal things at work so they feel more empowered to make decisions and not have to divide their own lives up so much.”What’s your advice for other Business Owners?“ If you’re a good business owner you should be setting, reviewing and achieving goals,” says Richard. “Running a business can be exhausting so it’s good to have variety and time out to keep the energy up. It’s easy to get distracted if you don’t plan and stick to your goals.

We have but one life and it’s a rich tapestry, we need to embrace as much of it as possible.”

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