Suporting local business

Buzz magazine was created with the main purpose of supporting and promoting local businesses and engaging the local community.

Since the start, we have evolved and we are not just a magazine; we promote businesses via various channels such as print, social media, online and video. All in one fabulous package called BuzzPower. The continued progress of our online promotion has reached a staggering figure of just over a million hits in recent months. This has direct impact on companies that are marketed via one or all of of our channels.

Social media has become part of everyone’s lives and whilst embracing the new world of technology, we are building a team that are formed by knowledgeable and ambitious people with a desire to succeed.

Research has shown that local independent magazines that are 100% free and are not associated with any other form of media, is read more than six times by 80% of women and 67% by men. However, Buzz online has exceed the statistics as the majority of our online readers are now male!

We are currently working on new ideas for 2016 to enhance the local market, attract more people to buy locally and generate enough buzz to increase the local economy. As a reader, we would welcome your involvement, so please get in touch as we would love to talk to you. Together, we will make our community thrive!

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