Eighty Percent Mindset

We hear so often from top business people, athletes. . . pretty much anyone actually who has achieved anything of significance, that 80% of their success is down to mindset. So why then is this the most overlooked area when we are developing and growing as business owners?

The rules of success are so simple.

  • Be really good at what you do.

  • Have a clear vision

  • Create a plan for how you’re going to achieve your vision.

  • Break your plan down into tasks and hold yourself accountable to achieving those tasks.

  • Get help, education and support where you need it.

  • Stay motivated, or at least driven, every day to keep moving forwards with aligned action.

  • Be fearless.

  • Stay healthy and balanced, as success is a long game

  • Never ever give up.

Simple, but not remotely easy! Applying these rules consistently is challenging. To be successful we need to be constantly adapting, changing and growing to align ourselves with the results that we want, in business and in life.

Change is hard though and this is why: 95-99% of your thoughts and actions are unconscious. The unconscious part of our brain is like a computer system, it just keeps repeating patterns of thought and behaviour.

Habits When we want to change something it’s a conscious thought or decision to do so. When we attempt to make the change however, we are then faced with resistance from the unconscious brain. The processing power of the unconscious brain is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious.

We must stop being passive and accepting our lot and start getting involved in our own Personal Development. The good news is there is more support than ever available from online courses, YouTube videos, business and personal coaches and local clubs. If you’re looking for more success in your business, start by developing the mindset for success.

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