Lis is a keynote speaker

Since 2008 Lis has been working as a personal development coach and keynote speaker. She tells us how membership of BuzzConnect is helping support her exciting plans for growing her business.

Lis runs presentation skills workshops and provides one to one coaching for individuals. She has also created a women-only event which looks at the mothering role and how, as women, we are influenced by our mothers.

My one-to-one meetings with BuzzConnect Ambassador Graham Hill from Verbatim and Janet Duffield from West Berkshire Council have provided extensive and invaluable advice. Priceless!

I have attended two excellent Leadership workshops run by BuzzConnect Ambassador Michelle Bailey from People Essentials where I not only learnt new things but was also able to exchange ideas and experience with senior managers from other businesses.

Surrounded by other ambitious businesses at BuzzConnect networking meetings always leaves me inspired and raring to go!

You work alone – How do you keep motivated? I have a very strong and far-reaching vision for my business, so the motivation is always there, It's more a question of how do I keep focussed!

How have you built your customer base? By getting out there and meeting people in person. I'm not 'selling a product', I'm sharing concepts and ideas and that takes time to explain to others.

How do you go about marketing your business? Until the brand is more widely known, I think I'm the person best-equipped to market my business, so speaking at events and personal networking are the main focus for me.

What would you say are the top three things most important to your success?

1. Believing whole-heartedly in what I'm doing (why would anyone else if I didn't?)

2. Keeping myself mentally and physically fit and healthy

3. Keep learning from others who know more, and ASK FOR HELP!

4. One more? I love what I do!

What is your favourite quote? "Be the change you want to see in the world" ~ Gandhi

As a local business, what are your plans/priorities for the future? Having trade-marked the brand, my longer-term plan for the Vagina Dialogues is to franchise the event so that other experienced women can facilitate the discussion, not just me. I've been told that what I'm doing is so simple, it's profound, so I feel that the more women who can have access to a safe environment where they can explore their thinking and share their views without judgement, the better. Franchising would greatly speed this up, both in this country and further afield.

I'm launching a men-only pilot version in Hungerford in June - called Talking Bollocks! There's potential to roll this out as well, if there's a need or interest in it. Time will tell!

What help do you think you need to achieve them? I'd like to attract a team of experienced business people around me - people who can guide/help me put a more structured financial plan, controls and systems in place. The model is perfectly formed - it just needs to grow. I could do with another me at this point, though!

How has/will BuzzConnect help you achieve your plans? The Buzz Team of Ambassadors have a wealth of business experience between them which they are sharing, plus I've been introduced to a couple of key people who can help me grow my business. Oh, and informal networking - the fun opportunity to meet and be supported by yet more inspiring business people in our local community. Brilliant!

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