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Michelle Bailey of People Essentials asked me how important I thought staff engagement was to the success of my business.

As the owner of an award winning telephone reception service representing over 600 companies we really work hard to have engaged staff. Our ethos is about relationships, politeness, professionalism, treating each other with respect with a dose of good old fashioned manners. We want everyone who deals with our company to go away with the feeling “Wow what a nice bunch of guys they are “. Verbatim can only be successful if everyone upholds these values.

The more I thought about Michelle’s question the more I realised how important it is to continuously strive for “Staff Engagement”. Consistent outstanding service on the phone can only come from engaged employees.

Michelle recently conducted a staff survey which revealed that over 80% of my staff are engaged and committed to the company compared to the UK national average of 49%. I was delighted with the results.

Here are some of the things we do to keep our employees engaged; We recently took the team for a night out to communicate performance plans combined with a meal and a few drinks. Encourage people to provide solutions to problems they raise. Have fun and frolics from time to time in and out of the office. Keep the office clean and in good condition. Say “Thank You” for doing a good job - showcase achievements publicly on our website. Give temporary loans to staff - we have always done this and get it back tenfold in attitude and commitment. Do the unexpected for colleagues who fall seriously ill - cancer hits 1 in 3 people we love and know. In our small firm we have had four cases in twenty years- all recovered thankfully.

As managers and owners we sometimes forget to treat our employees as human beings. When we do, guess what, our customers feel valued and made to feel welcome too.

So the answer to Michelle’s question is yes. Staff engagement is important to the success of my customers and business.

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