Recruitment matters

What action do you take when it’s time to recruit for your business?

Reasons will vary of course, from growth to customer demands; to loss of staff seeking new opportunities or even moving within your business that then leaves a gap elsewhere. Deciding how to proceed will have a direct impact on your business.

It can be tempting to simply re-issue the old Job Description but we recommend taking the time to review exactly what is needed before moving forward. Taking time to ensure a well thought out, structured process takes place will pay off, and will lead to better recruitment decisions. Your options will include addressing;

  • Would an internal hire suit? This often boosts morale and sends a message to your organisation that there are opportunities for advancement.

  • Is it time to add fresh skills & knowledge to key areas? Then an external hire can likely offer new skills & expertise that will enhance your organisation.

  • Will the new position require full or part time hours?

Defining the exact job role will involve some analysis alongside internal discussions with current staff, but once a firm picture has been drawn up, the all-important attraction phase can begin.

We are aware though through the latest reports that employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract high quality staff. Activities such as your developing your employer brand, writing an effective job advertisement (that includes the relevant information to attract and stand out from your competition) and of course choosing the right channels will all play a crucial part, in getting to the desired result of a successful hiring decision.

Workshops that will cover the stages of a comprehensive Recruitment Process will be held through 2016 to offer advice and support, as we appreciate the above can be quite daunting! The planning and definition of what is required is the crucial place to start! (Visit our Buzz Connect website for details & dates).

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