New Year, new job

How many of your employees have returned to work with the New Year’s resolution ‘get a new job’. Can you afford to lose them?

For most it isn’t just a case of New Year New Job. Most people leave their jobs because they are unhappy with one of the following;

  • Poor relationship with Manager

  • No opportunity to improve or progress

  • Work life balance

If you’re honest you’ll probably know when someone is disengaged at work. You may notice their timekeeping isn’t as good as it used to be. Perhaps they have started arriving a little bit late, maybe they are not taking as much care with their work, making a few more mistakes or missing a few deadlines. We all know it’s cheaper to keep customers than find new ones and the same principle applies to your staff. If those employees liked (or even ‘loved’) their job and were proud of what they did would they still be thinking of leaving?

My advice is to stop trying to convince yourself you don’t want these ‘poor performers’ working for you and do something to stop them going.

You can stem the tide of New Year resignations by simply taking some time to talk with your people. Ask them if they are happy at work; how well they get on with you, their manager and colleagues; find out what they do and don’t enjoy about their jobs and working for your organisation. It’s good to talk and a conversation not only shows you care it also gives you the chance to take some actions that bring about better performance and encourage employees to stay.

What’s more scary – asking your people how they feel or watching them leave and seeing the impact it has on your customers and profits?

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