New research reveals remote working has changed the millennial forever

New research reveals remote working has changed the millennial forever Lockdown has changed the way millennials work, as new research from Trinity Business School reveals how the pandemic has created a new state of working that makes resumption challengin g for organisations. Semi-structured interviews with a sample of millennials were used to explain how sensemaking tactics mediate the relationship between transactional distancing and work performance. “While millennials are a tech savvy generation with a preference for communicating digitally, prolonged, remote work was a new experience. However, millennials applied three sensemaking tactics, socialization, enactment, and identity constr

The Complete Cyber Security Guide for Trading Beginners

Check out this guide called “The Complete Cyber Security Guide for Trading Beginners” and it’s full of useful tips and advice on how to protect against cybercrime. Anyone wishing to keep their personal and financial data safe online will find this helpful.

‘Four step’ plan to help businesses adapt workforce strategies in a post-Covid world

As Coronavirus continues to impact the world of work as we know it, Guidant Global, has developed a four-step guide to help businesses plan ahead in the new normal. According to the leader in talent acquisition and managed workforce solutions, despite the increase in unemployment that’s being reported as a result of Covid-19, skill-short sectors are still struggling to source enough resources to deliver on projects. With more businesses also facing greater fluidity of workforces – with the reliance on contingent resources continuing to grow and the CIPD predicting long-term remote working practices to be implemented – employers need a much more holistic approach to workforce planning. Ac

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