Protect your Business and your Staff

Instead of looking to increase wages, the game changer for small businesses may be to look at its employee benefit package. Choosing the right benefit may help companies not simply to attract and retain staff, but also to ensure they are in a strong position when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their Employees. Estimates suggest that only around 1 in 10 people have income protection cover and that more people insure their pets or their phone than their income. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has called on the government to consider a temporary tax break for employers who provide Group Income Protection cover for staff. This could reduce the number of people who fall out of

Ensure a more rewarding recruitment experience

Offering 20 years experience recruiting on behalf of a number of businesses Abi shares some key advice to companies faced with hiring over the coming months. Whether the vacant position is due to growth, re-structure or someone leaving the business, ensure that you take the time to fully evaluate exactly what is required before moving forward. Other things to consider: l Review your existing documentation such as job descriptions; get input from colleagues to understand expectations or changes, so the revised information for the hiring process will be accurate l Ensure it is clear where this role will fit into the organisation. l If advertising externally, ensure you focus on

Should we be advertising on Social Media?

A question that businesses ask every day. Let’s look at the advertising market. Global advertising spend in 2017 reaches approximately £424 billion – of which 38.3% is online channels! By 2021, mobile will reach 77.1% of the total global digital advertising! Key thinking points regarding Social Media l Facebook has more than 1 billion people spending 40 minutes or more on the platform l Over 30% of adult internet users use Instagram l 25% of adult internet users use LinkedIn l Pinners are as likely to purchase, but spend 50% more per purchase. The short answer is that social media provides a massive opportunity for businesses to get their message in front of

Discover. . . Donnington Grove

Firstly - just wow! How fast has this year gone? Thank goodness for the phrase, "Time flies when you are having fun". It will be almost six years since I joined Donnington Grove and that time has gone just as quickly. I presented my company vision recently to a small audience to impress upon them how important it is to keep sight of your goals, achieve them and set new targets along the way. Everyone that has had a connection with this amazing property has done exactly just that, and perhaps sometimes not even realised their great accomplishments. Imagine the architect, James Petit-Andrews, planning the design and construction of the manor house and how his achievements gave others aspirat

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