6 things people may hate about your website

Consumers attention span is reducing so, to maximise leads and revenue, your website must be user-friendly.If not, you could lose countless opportunities. Six things that people hate about websites - so you can avoid making the same mistakes. l Slow loading times – the level of impatience for many can be as little as 3 seconds – with around 40% of people stating they’ve left a site which has failed to load in that time. l Keyword stuffed copy – often does not provide the information a visitor would be interested in and works against your search ranking. l Too much text – is an instant turn-off for many users, as attention spans are ever decreasing. l Doesn’t clearly state what

Safe deposit boxes

Keep your valuables safe and sound in one of our in-store Safe Deposit Boxes. Rent a Safe Deposit Box for as long as you want, and access it 7 days a week. If it's important to you, it's important to us. Never mind under the bed or in a sock drawer – your important possessions need proper security. Our in-store vaults are super-safe and an ideal place to store everything from jewellery to antiques to confidential documents. You can pick from 5 sizes of Safe Deposit Box to suit your needs, and you can have access to your valuables whenever you need to. Rent a box for the long or short term – it’s up to you. Just choose which store you want to have your box in and reserve online. Open 7 days a

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