"When I first started my business last year I quickly appreciated how important networking was and attended quite a variety of groups. What I noted and liked immediately about BuzzConnect, was the broad variety of businesses attending and the friendliness of everyone. It was a different, very effective, open style of networking environment within which I found it much easier to engage with other business people and develop supportive and productive relationships. When the opportunity came to join as an Ambassador I had no hesitation." Alister Ross, Marketing Strategy Consultant – Opportunity Marketing. “West Berkshire Council is working in partnership with BuzzConnect because we believe tha

#TheBigPitch 2017

Hosted by BuzzConnect #TheBigPitch was held last month at Parkway where many local businesses came to present their business model to a panel and the public. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winner Charaderie and runners up The Clothes Shop and McKenzie Friend. Miss Scarlett, with the Lead Piping, in the Ballroom… Fellow networker: “And what do you do?” Me: “I write and perform Murder Mysteries!” This is invariably met with lots of enthusiasm, but an assumption that we flounce around in silly costumes pretending to murder people (ok, that is sort of what we do). However, over the years we’ve realised how the murder mystery genre can be used to help people

Classically Stylish Boutique

Tucked away in Pound Street, just off the Barthlomew street/Newtown road junction, is one of Newbury’s best kept secrets: The Clothes Shop – a classically stylish independent ladies boutique. Owner Ann Howes, who runs the shop with her daughter Debra, was trained in Haute Couture – as was her fashion designer mother. Ann opened the Clothes Shop in 1985 and many original customers – and their children and grandchildren - remain great advocates of the help and personal service they provide. She adds because of my background I instantly know what will suit an individual’s shape and colouring and can recommend styles and colours they might not have tried before. The clothes shop stocks items tru

Supporting parents involved in family court

Graham Fletcher is a McKenzie Friend, who supports parents involved in family court proceedings. In 2005 it was established that people involved in family court proceedings were entitled to have someone present with them if they could not afford legal representation. The court calls these people “McKenzie friends” (after the 2 parents involved in the case). Many people going through divorce or who are separated are unaware that there is this alternative to instructing a solicitor. Graham assists parents in a variety of court cases. He can help parents being denied access to their children or who cannot agree on the financial aspects of a divorce. Graham went through the family court proces

30 Small Business Marketing Ideas

Some options to consider: 1. Maintain an effective website 2. Repurpose/update content 3. Social Media Marketing 4. Create Video Content & Promote It 5. Write & Promote Blog Content 6. Write and Publish an E-Book 7. Create Infographics 8. Leverage Google AdWords 9. Get Listed in Google Places 10. SEO campaigns 11. Webinars or Workshops 12. Engage in Relevant Forums and Online Communities 13. Issue Press Releases 14. Comment on other blogs 15. Use Facebook Live 16. Run Online Contests 17. Affiliate Marketing 18. Create an Online Customer Referral Programme 19. Email Marketing 20. Create landing pages 21. Build your data 22. Weekly Newsletters Generic Marketing Activities

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