How Newbury businesses can benefit by putting the ‘Human’ back into Human Resources

HR is increasingly dominated by the annual appraisal and other formal processes. Technology is taking over. It helps, but can it replace the human touch? How harnessing the small, everyday touchpoints can have a positive impact on businesses. We live in an age of technology, order and process. Advances in computing including big data, cloud software, mobile and even virtual reality (yes, it’s coming) are transforming how modern workforces are managed. And let’s not forget the practice of big set-piece HR events like the annual appraisal. But the ‘H’ in HR stands for human. So are business owners and managers missing a trick by losing the human touch with their employee relations? There are

Sound Advice

When producing videos for your business or blog it is a very easy to focus on the video quality, lighting, and composition while neglecting the quality of the audio. The quality and clarity of the audio in your video is actually more important than the visual quality. This may seem an illogical statement but studies have shown that if the video quality is high but the audio quality is low or average viewers will react negatively to the video content as a whole. People are far more forgiving of poorly shot video if the sound quality is good. I remember an occasion a few years ago when a historical drama series called Jamaica Inn was airing on a Sunday evening. Being a fan of historical dramas

Is there value in working with a recruiter?

At Openingz we firmly believe that any successful placement begins with a more thorough evaluation. We stand by this through all our communications with both clients and candidates. Working closely together to ensure a more rewarding and positive experience, what does this translate to in reality? As a candidate you can expect: Valuable advice on the presentation of your CV and supporting documents, plus the all important interview preparation. You'll receive constructive and useful feedback at every stage. Notification of new opportunities that you are unlikely to hear of (sometimes before they are advertised - very helpful when you are in full time employment). Assistance with salary nego

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