What’s the impact of another general election on businesses in the Newbury area?

Third nationwide vote in as many years means uncertainty for UK businesses. Proposals being touted represent major change to the business landscape. How should political etiquette be managed in the workplace? With yet another vote rapidly approaching, everyone is wondering what the future holds. Will the Conservatives retain power, or is there another electoral surprise around the corner? One thing is for sure. Uncertainty is not helpful for business. In the short-term, news of another election brings further instability to Newbury’s businesses. Organisations, which already have one eye on what Brexit will mean for them, now have to listen to a range of party proposals for further changes. L

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement is just one area in which, with the benefit of hindsight, many people wish they’d taken action earlier. How often in life do we look back and wish we had done things differently? According to a recent study, two in five pensioners regret retirement-planning mistakes which have left them struggling financially.1 Nearly one in five say that they didn’t save enough for retirement, and 15% regret not starting to save earlier in their working lives. There are some compelling reasons why a pension is still the most obvious answer. Pension contributions attract tax relief on the way in and they accumulate capital gains free of tax once inside. When you access your pension s

National Minimum and Living Wages?

How can West Berkshire businesses handle the rise to the National Minimum and Living Wages? The headline National Living Wage rate has risen to £7.50 per hour. Employers should tread carefully when responding to the rises. Businesses that fail to comply will face large fines and public naming and shaming. It has been well reported that on 1st April, the National Minimum and Living Wages rose, affecting the whole workforce. These wage rates are important for protecting society’s lowest paid. And paying staff well is an obvious tactic for recruiting and retaining good employees. But even so, local employers are facing many pressures on staffing costs, so how to handle the rise? Let’s start wit

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