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Aspire is a firm of chartered accountants that concentrate on providing high quality business and accounting services from high street “shop-fronted” based premises. Traditionally, chartered accountants have tended to be based in offi ces that are not particularly customer focused and can intimidate the small business owner, especially a new start up. By operating out of a shop front premises, our aim is off er small businesses walk-in services that do not require businesses to make an appointment. Our entire focus is on the “S” of the or less. We also off er fi xed pricing which enables you to know exactly how much you are paying for your accountancy fees in advance. We have a wealth of t

Will robots decimate West Berks jobs?

​ Millions more jobs are predicted to be lost to automation in the hunt for efficiency Bill Gates has suggested a robot tax for businesses scrapping jobs for machinery Strong unions are also joining the fight against tech Robo-workers are replacing humans at an ever-increasing rate. In Japan there is a hotel staffed by robots. In France Wall-Ye Vine picking robots help farmers cut, prune and harvest crops. While in England, Premier Foods use 47 robots to pack Mr Kipling cakes in Barnsley. So is the rise of the robots a bad thing? Will we all lose our jobs to automation? Automation has always been there: think the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution for instance. And there

What is Metro Bank all about?

Metro Bank first opened its doors in the summer of 2010, the first high street bank to open in the UK in over 100 years. We're committed to making a difference and delivering a different type of banking for Britain. Committed to customer service We are committed to providing you with unparalleled levels of service and convenience. This is why our stores are open 7 days a week, and from 8am to 8pm on weekdays. We offer a superquick account opening, on the spot card printing as well as a 24/7 London-based contact centre. Committed to the community It's really important to us that we give something back to the communities we serve. Every year we host thousands of charity and business networkin

Going it alone on your job search?

Once you've made the decision to change jobs and seek a new challenge, the time ahead can be both exciting and daunting! More employers are choosing to hire directly, and we understand that as an applicant, you will often find it difficult as questions will arise about the right approach, preparing for the interview(s) and then awaiting constructive feedback. Having a professional recruiter that you can turn to should prove to be rewarding and ease some pressure. What can we do to help? Offer advice on your CV presentation and cover note, to better your chances of securing an interview. Discuss interview styles and what to expect. Encourage what to do regarding feedback and advancing f

What is BuzzConnect?

BuzzConnect believes real growth in the local economy will only beachieved by local businesses supporting each other. Join us today and Experience our networking events where we aim to help build a stronger business community across West Berkshire and North Hampshire. Our networking events are rapidly growing and in 2017 we have added more events that will bring greater opportunities to local businesses to engage, network and promote their products/services. Register today for the forthcoming events:

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