How strikes and other transport woes are hindering British businesses

UK’s aging transport infrastructure putting huge burden on employers and workers From the mental health of staff to lost job opportunities, the problems are far-reaching What can employers do to mitigate the impact? Many of the lines on the UK’s railway network appear at breaking point: over-crowding, delays and particularly in the case of Southern Rail – crippling strike action. This is having a huge knock-on effect on Britain’s workforce and the businesses that employ them. Katie Aldridge from The HR Dept Newbury explores the impact this has on businesses and what employers might do to reduce the pain. Katie starts: “Let’s think about employees first. A long commute, cramped carriages and

Calling all channels

We now live in a multi-contact world, where people choose which way to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. So why do businesses fail to make use of the same options to contact customers? Telephone directories were once considered as a major marketing channel. Now there are multiple ways to get your company’s profile in front of your audience. . . Advertising (on & offline) Online directories Website linking You Tube / Vimeo Facebook & Twitter Instagram & Pinterest LinkedIn Email marketing eNewsletters . . . the list increases all the time. Staying in touch with customers or finding the best way to secure new customers has always been an ongoing challenge for businesses. Using

The power of video case studies

Although many companies run successful and very profitable video marketing campaigns most of them are missing out on an often overlooked and untapped resource. Video Case Study interviews featuring existing satisfied customers offer a very powerful and convincing marketing tool. People who have been delighted by your product or service and have had a genuinely positive experience are usually only too pleased to sit in front of a camera and tell their story. Featuring written testimonials and text based case studies on your website is all very well but to actually see and hear people sharing their experiences is far more convincing. At the end of the day it is all about building trust and c

Should new working mums be Newbury’s employers’ flexible friends?

20% of working mums felt pushed out of a job by a lack of flexible working options. Employees have a right to ask for flexible working; Employers don’t have an obligation to grant it. Are employers missing out on a talented section of the workforce? A recent national survey of 2,000 women found that almost one in five working mums felt they had been pushed out of work due to having a flexible working request refused. Is this legal? It obviously doesn’t help the mum’s involved, but does it help the business? The first thing to stress is that there is no obligation on employers to grant a flexible working request, as long as they consider it in a reasonable manner. We know how tough it can be

Size doesn’t matter

A minority of small employers are failing to act on warnings from the Pensions Regulator. Automatic enrolment has changed the UK workplace forever, more than six million people have started to save via a workplace pension as a result of automatic enrolment, with more to come between now and February 2018. As an experienced adviser in this area the first questions I ask are: As a business owner do you know what’s expected of you? Do you know what you must have in place for your workers and by when? Auto-enrolment makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme. Almost all employers are affected. An important exception is a company with on

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