Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is vital to every business. Loyal customers spend money with you over time, they won’t leave you just because of price and 78% of them will promote your business by telling others about it. Here’s 3 tips to help keep your customers loyal. Ask your customers what they think . We used to say you should treat your customers how you would like to be treated yourself but that’s not enough. You shouldn’t make assumptions about what your customers want or what they think about the service you give them. Survey your current, previous and potential customers -ask them what they want and importantly if they think they (can) get it from you. Show them you have listened Great companies

Good video – The simple winning formula

You may have decided to finally take the plunge and produce a video for your website to tantalise your customers and get them flocking to buy your products or services. This is definitely a good idea but first I want you to sit down and think about how you are going to go about it. A good idea deserves good planning and execution. Think about what you would like to accomplish as a result of people seeing your video. Presumably you would like to improve customer engagement, increase sales and ultimately stand out from your competition. When planning your video consider the following guidelines. Remember - People buy benefits, not features. Tell them how your product or service can change or i

What does success at work really mean?

What defines a successful career? Why is it that, by conventional definitions, only the few people at the top of the ladder have successful careers? The usual understanding of success revolves around two basic assumptions. The first: the hero of the workplace is the person who climbs all the way to the top. The second: getting to the top - winning promotion after promotion – is therefore the only thing that matters. This mindset leads us to endlessly climb the corporate ladder, adhering to the cult of physical and mental endurance to finally attain the status of corporate hero. Does this really make sense? Let’s challenge the first assumption. Who is the hero? In my opinion, the hero is

Royal County of Berkshire Show

Local Buzz interviews Daren Bowyer about "The Newbury Show" and BuzzConnect. You are best known for the Berkshire Show but what else do you do? Newbury and District Agricultural Society’s best known event is the Royal County of Berkshire Show (still known locally as ‘The Newbury Show’), one of the region’s best family days out. But that is only part of what we do to meet our charitable purposes of promoting and educating the public about farming, horticulture and country life. Throughout the farming year we run local on-farm competitions to promote and celebrate best practice and social events to bring together our members. Every October we run a ploughing match that includes modern and vint

How can you protect and promote your school on social media?

Do you risk your school’s reputation if you post on social media?Are you frustrated that your social media presence has brought your school no real benefit?Do you struggle to resource your social media marketing activities? Making the decision to promote your school through social media is a huge step. With the protection and safeguarding of students at the forefront of their minds, many school leaders worry about the risks. But the benefits of using social media to promote your school and engage with stakeholders – parents, students, teachers, governors and the local community – can far outweigh the risks. In many instances, these risks can be easily mitigated with effective forward planni

Berkshire Economic Update

Gross Value Added (GVA) is used by Government to measure the overall economic wellbeing of an area. In broad terms it is generated by people in work and is quantified in terms of wages and company profits. Increases in GVA are primarily achieved through increases in the number of people in employment or increases in the productivity of people in work. Berkshire has the second highest performing local economy in England after London (in terms of GVA per head). Berkshire’s 5-year average annual GVA growth rate is in line with the regional and national average; however, growth over the last 12 months has been comparatively weak. 23% of GVA in Berkshire is generated by the ICT sector, compared

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