Recruitment matters

What action do you take when it’s time to recruit for your business? Reasons will vary of course, from growth to customer demands; to loss of staff seeking new opportunities or even moving within your business that then leaves a gap elsewhere. Deciding how to proceed will have a direct impact on your business. It can be tempting to simply re-issue the old Job Description but we recommend taking the time to review exactly what is needed before moving forward. Taking time to ensure a well thought out, structured process takes place will pay off, and will lead to better recruitment decisions. Your options will include addressing; Would an internal hire suit? This often boosts morale and sends a

Successful business

Michelle Bailey of People Essentials asked me how important I thought staff engagement was to the success of my business. As the owner of an award winning telephone reception service representing over 600 companies we really work hard to have engaged staff. Our ethos is about relationships, politeness, professionalism, treating each other with respect with a dose of good old fashioned manners. We want everyone who deals with our company to go away with the feeling “Wow what a nice bunch of guys they are “. Verbatim can only be successful if everyone upholds these values. The more I thought about Michelle’s question the more I realised how important it is to continuously strive for “Staff Eng

The importance of using a Qualified Accountant

As a chartered and certified accountant I often have to defend the reasons why I believe people should seek advice and representation from a qualified accountant. Unlike a doctor or solicitor, anyone can call themselves an accountant and it would be impossible to know the level of their knowledge, training and experience. If the accountant gets something wrong, it will be their client who gets in trouble and this can result in HMRC imposing fines and penalties. Only by using a qualified accountant registered with a professional body such as the ICAEW or ACCA can people be certain they are receiving advice from a professional who must: Have received at least three years training with an appro

New Year, new job

How many of your employees have returned to work with the New Year’s resolution ‘get a new job’. Can you afford to lose them? For most it isn’t just a case of New Year New Job. Most people leave their jobs because they are unhappy with one of the following; Poor relationship with Manager No opportunity to improve or progress Work life balance If you’re honest you’ll probably know when someone is disengaged at work. You may notice their timekeeping isn’t as good as it used to be. Perhaps they have started arriving a little bit late, maybe they are not taking as much care with their work, making a few more mistakes or missing a few deadlines. We all know it’s cheaper to keep customers than fin

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