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Digital Zoom Networking

Every 1st, 2nd, 3rd Thursday of the month 

8:30am - 10:00am

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BuzzConnect believes real growth in the local economy will only be achieved by local businesses supporting each other. We aim to help build a stronger business community across West Berkshire and North Hampshire.


We do this by providing organisations of all sizes with the opportunity to:

  • Develop mutually supportive relationships

  • Build a local supply chain

  • Access support advice and guidance from local businesses and business experts

  • Enhance knowledge and skills by attending learning activities and events

  • Share knowledge and experience with other businesses and business leaders


Take a look at our events pages to see what's on.


We're not just business networking - although networking is part of what we do.

“West Berkshire Council is working in partnership with BuzzConnect because we believe that they are offering excellent support to businesses in the area through the Ambassador network and the networking and other events that are running.  The Ambassadors are all local business people themselves.  West Berkshire Council has worked with some of the Ambassadors to provide free workshops in areas such as employment law and communications.


New and small businesses in particular will benefit from the kind of support that BuzzConnect can offer in West Berkshire and we are proud to be involved”


Janet Duffield, Lead for Economic Growth, West Berkshire Council




  • Raise your profile.

  • Build a local network of suppliers and customers.

  • Collaborate with other local businesses.

  • Develop business and leadership skills.

  • Be part of a community that represents you.

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Lifestyle Magazine

Metro Bank

Donnington Grove Hotel

Financial Services


James Cowper Kreston



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In 2015, Living Paintings reached the milestone figure of 10,000 library members.  We also celebrated 25 years of publishing and lending our unique Touch to See books to blind and partially sighted people across the UK.


Living Paintings was formed in 1989 by Alison Oldland MBE, formerly a lecturer in Art History.  Alison would say that the story of how Living Paintings came about was a ‘typical Oldland family story’ i.e. a tale of the unexpected.  Alison wanted another family dog but not one that was going to chew her furniture.  As a result, the family ‘adopted’ a rejected trainee guide dog, Emma, and from the day she arrived in the house, it was clear why this dopey, soppy, blonde had not made the grade!


Living Paintings began by providing a range of art and leisure interest books for adults.  Next, we introduced projects for children, designed to help them learn to read, enjoy picture books and have educational resources to use in school and at home.

Contact : +44 (0) 1635 299 771












11 Queen Eleanor House
Kingsclere Park


RG20 4SW


01635 200 006


If you cannot find the answers that you are looking for, please fill the form below with your query or call us on 01635 200006.


We would love to hear from you!


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Attend as many networking events as possible as you will get more benefit from your membership when your business is consistently represented.

• Carry out a minimum of one 1-2-1 with a Member or Ambassador each month.
• Promote and support BuzzConnect through your professional, business and community networks.
• On a monthly basis invite at least one colleague, fellow business leader or owner to attend a BuzzConnect networking event.
• Provide feedback to BuzzConnect Directors on referrals given and received, connections made and business won through membership of BuzzConnect.
• Please be respectful and supportive to all BuzzConnect visitors and members. If you have any difficulties with any Member, Ambassador, Sponsor or Non-Member at any BuzzConnect event or activity then you are advised to deal with the matter confidentially and directly with that person yourself and advise BuzzConnect Directors as appropriate.

  • Discounted rate on large events

  • Free access to all networking events

  • Have a Members’ exhibition once a year – combined with #TheBigEvent

  • Discounted rate to use any Ambassadors’ services

  • Opportunity to be part of a case study editorial in Local Buzz 

  • Have your social media liked and shared amongst Ambassadors and Members of BuzzConnect - make sure you follow@UKBuzzConnect on Twitter and like /UKBuzzConnecton Facebook 

  • Website access to members’ zone - You will create your own login password to access your online page.

  • Networking LOYALT Y CARD - Every time you attend a BuzzConnect monthly event atthe Donnington Grove you will get a stamp and afterthree visits, you will be entitled to a prize!

  • Membership card

  • Name badge

  • Receive monthly newsletter with Ambassadors' business tips




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